This is a video showing how our Trail systems and access to public lands help the disabled get out and enjoy our natural resources.

More and more of our Public Lands are being closed to the Public. This trend has concentrated recreation onto smaller and smaller areas, which has increased impacts and reduced public enjoyment.

We all agree our public lands should be managed and conserved. This can be most effectively done while preserving all existing public access for current and future generations. Your involvement is critical to help stop trail closures and protect access to your public lands.

The aging population

Do we want to shut our seniors out of more of our public lands? Without existing motorized access most seniors cannot enjoy their public lands.

Not everyone has the time to hike into the backcountry.

There are already over 107,000,000 acres of the best places, where only hiking is allowed. Why not preserve the remaining public lands for the majority of the public?

What about the millions of Americans with bad knees, ankles & hips, who want to enjoy the backcountry but are not able to hike there?

The Save Our Kids Campaign

Ask your child if they want to stop playing video games & go for a ride on a trail bike, atv or 4x4? More trails & more types of recreation equal more kids on the trail instead of in front of their computers.

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