How you & your club can make a huge difference in just One Hour

Show the Trails In Trouble DVD at your next club meeting.

Ask each member of your club to meet with just ONE of your local federal, state or county elected officials at a local office near you. This way you spread the load & educate every one of your officials.

At each meeting with elected officials show the Trails In Trouble DVD & talk about why it is important to keep trails open.

To leave the best possible impression be sure to always give the official Trails In Trouble DVD & packaging to those you meet with. This enables them to refer to it & show it to others in the best light.

Most legislators know nothing about OHV recreation or only what they have been told by closure activists. Creating positive awareness regarding OHV recreation with elected officials is the Missing Link you will provide.

If members of every club did this imagine the buzz created in the Halls of Government.

Best of all it only takes about an hour

So how about it?

We provided the tool now it is up to each of us to use it & help keep our trails open.

If you are not a member of a club please show the video to your federal Congressman at their local office. Bring a friend & consider joining or forming a local club.

Thanks for taking action.

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