Did you know your local National Forest is proposing to close up to 60% of the existing roads & trails? Are you tired of seeing more & more trails closed to you & your children?

You can do something about it before it is too late. What if you could make a real difference to help keep your trails open? What if it would only take an hour of your time? Watch this short video and follow these three steps to find out how to make a difference.

IMPORTANT: Buying and presenting this hi-res DVD version is crucial to our objective. The more people that see the DVD version in public settings, the better chance we have of saving the trail systems. Included with the DVD are detailed instructions to help you get the word out.

Its up to you to get the word out to your local officials. All proceeds pay for production and shipping costs.

Once you have received your DVD we encourage you to play it for your local elected officials, especially your federal Congressman or their staff. Included with the DVD are detailed instructions on how to find and present the DVD to law makers in your area, or you can read about them now by clicking here.

To find your legislators offices, phone numbers & more click here & just enter your zip code.

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